Les Helms

Les Helms

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Les Helms is a full-time faculty member at Columbus State Community College. He is also president of L & L Training Solutions, Inc.Les holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Franklin University, an MBA from the University of Dayton and a master’s degree in general psychology from Capella University. Les is also ABD for a Ph.D. in psychology from Capella University. His focus is soft skills including: culture and diversity, emotional intelligence, personality types, communication, thinking styles and persuasion, to name a few. Les feels that knowledge of these topics is imperative for survival and success.

Les’s teaching and training style is upbeat, personal, interactive and just plain fun. He allows you to examine your culture, emotional intelligence, personality, communication and thinking styles (and other areas) with regard to how they affect your professional and personal life. Participants in his classes and workshops gain knowledge and insight that allows them to understand their own and others strengths and weaknesses. Students and participants also learn how to adapt their styles to interact more effectively and build better relationships with people who are different from them.

Les has been a full-time faculty member for twenty years and has also trained thousands of individuals at all levels of government as well as private companies. He has provided training, consulting, and assessment services on a wide variety of topics. People who have attended any of Les’s presentations say he is one of the most engaging and versatile speakers around. He can tailor his workshop or training session to fit your specific need.

As if he needs something else to do, Les and his son-in-law, Matt, also have a business teaching self-defense. Check out www.pragmaticselfdefense.com.


For training information contact Les at:

phone: (614) 402-5606
e-mail: helmsl@aol.com
website:  http://www.landltraining.com.