Our Services

Our Services

A Better World Training

This is a highly interactive and engaging workshop that blends culture and diversity with elements of awareness, inclusion, consciousness, and integrity. Our workshop allows participants to:

  • Move beyond political correctness toward understanding and valuing the perspectives of others
  • Increase awareness on how to interact with those with divergent views and codes of conduct
  • Increase awareness to use emotional intelligence to resolve conflicts in relationships
  • Use emotional intelligence to understand one’s own unique and sometimes challenging views and perspectives
  • Incorporate emotional intelligence as a social firewall to detect and eliminate viruses such as prejudice, discrimination, bigotry and biases

Diversity Coaching: Creating A Better World

We offer coaching services for:

  • Individuals, teams and organizations
  • Diversity committees and councils
  • Senior and mid-management leaders who are confronted with diversity issues and challenges
  • Recruitment and retention of top talent

Group Facilitation

We facilitate culture and diversity dialogues for organizations, communities, educational institutions and youth groups through:

  • Lunch and Learns
  • Retreats
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Days Away
  • In-Services
  • A Better World Project for Youth Groups

A Better World Cultural Audit

We provide an assessment of your organization’s norms, values, standards, and principles regarding inclusion practices, advancement opportunities, culture and diversity pitfalls, risks for legal action, and losing valuable talent.



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